Personalized Vintage Rooster Canvas-Personalized Gifts


The battle over the ultimate conundrum has raged on for centuries: ???????Which came first????? The chicken, or the egg???????????? We abide by the egg argument.???? Hear us out.???? Egg laying creatures long predate the chicken.???? What do you suppose the dinosaurs hatched from????? That????????s right, dinosaur eggs.???? No doubt the ancient chickens spied on the mighty T. Rexes (from a safe distance) and they ???????borrowed??????? the whole egg idea from them.????

????It????????s a good thing they did, too.???? We would shudder to depict a world without Eggs Benedict.???? If eggs and the birds who lay them are a common feature of your kitchen, then that all-important room won????????t do without a stately portrait of the chicken in all its roosterish glory.???? Our Vintage Rooster Canvas is a photo quality recreation of a classic American wood etched advertisement, a fun and festive celebration of our favorite guest at the dining table.???? Let us put your family????????s name on this work of art so that your guests will think you have a little side business in the poultry business.???? It????????ll give you something to crow about, and them something to cluck over!

Item Specifications:

  • Size: 18″ x 24″
  • Canvas sign has .75???????????wrap depth
  • Personalize with 1 line up to 15 characteres
  • Wood Frame
  • Photo Quality Art
  • Latex Ink
  • Museum Quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Gallery quality canvas
  • Hand Stretched and Finished
  • ‘s, fresh poultry ????and Toledo Ohio are standard????